Emails & Blogs

Jamel Lawera, Principal of Geer Park Elementary,


Leila Beydoun, Secretary IV, Office Manager,

Nada Zreik, Receptionist,

Alia Abdallah, Cafeteria Manager,

Sean Jones, Engineer,

Fatima Charara, ELD Specialist,, Blog Link
Elizabeth Garcia, IC, 
Shima Nasir, Title One Resource,, Blog Link

Tamara Davidson, Young 5s Kindergarten,, blog link

Elizabeth Chisek, Kindergarten,, blog link

Adriana Sanchez, Kindergarten,, blog link
Ariana Svestka, Kindergarten,, Blog link

Suzanne Mardini, Early Childhood Specialist,, blog link

Elizabeth Gutierrez, First Grade,, Blog Link

Katie Krawczyk, First Grade,, Blog Link
Andrea Pearce,, Blog Link

Jorie Watts, Second Grade,, Blog Link

Jihan Alhusaini, Second Grade,, Blog Link

Kim Donoghue, Third Grade,, Blog Link

Jackie Dean, Third Grade,, Blog Link

Lisa Shalhout, Third/Fourth Grade,, Blog Link
Reyna Rangel, Fourth Grade,, Blog Link
Jennifer Hourani, Fifth Grade,, Blog Link
Hanadi Kesserouani, Fifth Grade,, Blog Link

Melanie Klein, Fifth Grade,, Blog Link

Jennifer LeClair, Special Education Resource,, Blog Link
Paige Bruce, Art,, Blog Link
Miriam Masiarczyk, Physical Education,, Blog Link
Nancy Hmayed, Media Specialist,, Blog Link

Gaye Shreve, Media Secretary,

Abeer Bazzy, Social Worker,
Kathi Martin, Speech & Language,, Blog Link

Jennifer Darwich, Psychologist,

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