Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

Geer Park Elementary and all Dearborn Schools are engaged in an ongoing continuous improvement process, of which parents and guardians are an integral part.

Geer Park Elementary is using the AdvancED Parent Survey to ask your opinion. The online survey will be available from May 9 through May 31.

We are asking all of our parents to complete this survey.

Please see the attached letter for more information.


Click here for a direct link to the survey.


Thank you,

Mrs. Srour

Career Day

The teachers at Geer Park need your help!  We want to provide the children with interesting and fun facts about various careers. We are planning to have a “Career Day” on May 30th, 2017! The presentations will begin at 9am and should be over by 11am.  We need some parents and/or volunteers to present and explain the duties of their careers to the children.

The presentations should last only 10 minutes per rotation. If you will help us by presenting or providing a speaker, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible or stop by the office and tell Ms. Dawson.

Parent University

All Parents with children 6 months to 4 years of age are invited to attend Dearborn Public Schools- Parent University
This free program is offered at 9 different locations from
9:00 am – 10:00 am.
Please join us Friday, April 28 at these locations:
River Oaks, Salina Elem., Whitmore Bolles, Becker, Cotter, Henry Ford Elem., William Ford Elem.,McCollough-Unis, and McDonald Elem.
For information on topics being discussed please contact a Dearborn elementary school, or Cotter Early Childhood Center at 313-827-6150.
You can also visit the Dearborn Public Schools website at and click on the Parent University link found at the bottom of the homepage.


Our PTA will be hosting a fundraiser through The Goodies Factory from April 14-28, 2017. There will be  a Prize Give-A-Way for the students who sell the most on the following Monday, April 21st (a DRONE with camera) and the Second Monday, April 28th a $100.00 cash Prize Give-A-Way.


Dear Parents,

The Dearborn Public Schools would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the importance of immunizing your child. Immunizations are one of the most effective measures to protect children from harmful diseases and even death.  All children who attend school in Michigan are required by state law to be fully immunized. 
Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect infants, children, and teens from 16 potentially harmful viral and bacterial diseases including the following:  Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Bacterial Meningitis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B, and Chickenpox.
Vaccine-preventable diseases can be very serious, may require hospitalization, or even be deadly–especially in infants and young children.
Although we have not had any cases of students with Chickenpox in Dearborn Public Schools, the Wayne County Health Department has informed us of several new cases being reported throughout Wayne County. There is no reason to be overly alarmed, but we felt it was important to share this information with our parents.
If you would like more information on immunizing your child and counsel in regards to the health benefits and risks of immunizations, please contact your primary care physician, one of the urgent care facilities in our city, the Wayne County Health Department, or visit  Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website.
The Dearborn School Nurses

“No Screen” Initiative


As you all may know, children are intrigued by electronic devices. As a result, many children are spending way too much time in front of digital screens. This passive screen time may negatively impact your child’s academic progress, as it is linked to poor social development, behavioral problems, irregular sleep, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to limit the amount of time your child spends in front of the screen.

Geer Park School has launched it’s “No Screen” initiative. This initiative entails that children should not use electronic devices Monday-Friday, EXCEPT for homework purposes. Please monitor your child’s screen time during homework. Remember technology is valuable when used appropriately, but it does not and should not replace opportunities for unstructured play, meaningful conversations at the dinner table, reading bedtime stories, and so on. Together, we can help our beautiful children succeed. THANK YOU!

School Zone Safety

School Zone Safety
September 6, 2016
The Dearborn Police Department takes your children’s safety seriously and so must you. With the beginning of the new school year I would like to remind parents that we understand how congested and frustrating school zones can become in the morning and afternoon when dropping off or picking up children. However, poor driving habits, parking violations, and aggressive driving near schools, all create an unsafe environment for our children. We are asking all parents to do their part in promoting “safe and orderly-school zones” to ensure child safety.
To help reduce congestion and provide a safer environment keep these points in mind when dropping off or picking up your children:
The bus stop is for buses only.
Walk children to school when possible.
Drop off/pick up children a short distance away from school, when/if possible. This alleviates traffic congestion around our schools.
Once your child is out of the car and safely on the sidewalk vacate the area to make room for other parents to drop off their children. (Do Not. Double Park)
Be mindful of school staff and crossing guards. They are there for your child’s safety. Be a “Good Neighbor”, by being mindful of residents who live near school zones.
As part of our commitment to ensuring our children’s safety, The Dearborn Police Department will be actively enforcing traffic laws around all school zones:
Blocking driveways: $80 fine
Double parking: $80 fine
Stop sign violation: 3 points $250 fine
Fail to yield to pedestrian: 2 points $250 fine
Fail to yield to School Bus: 3 points $240 fine
Disobey a school crossing guard: $1,000 Misdemeanor
Please Drive Responsibly – Enhance Child Safety


Chief Ronald Haddad

Glenn Maleyko, PhD.

Superintendent, Dearborn Public Schools

مدینه دیربورن زندگتور غلیٹن مالائیکو
منشا هنري فورد المشرقس العام
قسم الشرطة
الأمن ضمن نطاق المدرسة 6 أيلسول 2016
يأخذ قسم شرطة ديربورن موضوع أمن أولادكم على محمل الجد كما هو متوجب عليكم. مع بداية العام الدراسي الجديد، أود أن أذكر الأهالي الكرام أننا نتفهم ازدحام المنطقة المحيطة بالمدرسة المحبط في الصباح و بعد الظهر، عند توصيل و إعادة اصطحاب الأولاد. يشكل سلوك القيادة الرديء، مخالفات مواقف السيارات و القيادة يطريقة هجومية قرب المدارس بيئة غير أمنة لأولادكم. نرجو من
جميع الأهالي القيام بدورهم من أجل تعزيز “أمن و نظام س- المنطقة المحيطة بالمدرسة” من أجل ضمان أمن أولادكم.
للمساعدة بتخفيف الازدحام و تأمين بيئة أكثر أمانا” عليكم تذكر هذه النقاط عند توصيل و اصطحاب أولادكم:
منطقة وقوف الباص هي فقط للباصات.
يرجى توصيل الأولاد سيرا” على الأقدام عند الإمكان. توصيل/اصطحاب الأولاد عن مسافة بعيدة قليلا عن المدرسة، عند الامكان. هذا يخفف من ازدحام السير حول المدارس. حالما يخرج ولدكم من السيارة و يصل الى الرصيف بأمان يرجى الرحيل لترك المجال لباقي الأهالي بتوصيل أولادهم. ( لا تتوقف بموازاة سيارة أخرى).
له انتبه للعاملين في المدرسة و حراس العبور. هم متواجدون من أجل تعزيز أمن أولادكم . من كن “جارا” جيدا” ، بأن تنتبه السكان حول المدرسة.
كجزء من التزامنا بضمان أمن أولادنا، قسم شرطة ديربورن سيطبق قوانين السير بنشاط حول جميع المدارس:
o تسكير المداخل : غرامة 80$
• التوقف بموازاة سيارة أخرى: غرامة 80$ د مخالفة إشارة “قفس” : 3 نقاط و غرامة 250$
• عدم التنازل للمشاة: نقطتين و غرامة 250$
• عدم التنازل لباص المدرسة: 3 نقاط و غرامة 240$
• عدم الطاعة حارس العبور: 1000$ مخالفة
الرجاء القيادة بمسؤولية – عزز أمن الأولاد
i غلیڈن مالایکو
” فريق واحد سد مهمة واحدة ست ديربورن موكدة ” المشرفس العام ، مدارس ديربورن الرسمية

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