Geer Park Elementary School

Geer Park Welcomes Mr. Bukowski to our School Community

Dear Geer Park Community,

I am introducing Mr. Ron Bukowski as the Geer Park acting administrator.  Mr. Bukowski is the former principal of Nowlin Elementary, and he did an outstanding job as principal for Dearborn Public Schools. While Mr. Bukowski is now retired, he enthusiastically steps in for principals when they have to be out for various reasons.  Mr. Bukowski actually was the acting administrator at Geer Park a few years ago when the principal was out, so he knows the Geer Park building very well.
Please stop in to meet Mr. Bukowski when you can, or call with any questions.  He will be getting to know your children, so it will take him a few days to learn names, grades etc.

Also new to Geer Park in the office, is Ms. Wafaa Mallah.  Ms. Mallah is a very experienced and successful administrative assistant who is on loan to Geer Park from the district central office.  Ms Mallah and Ms. Mogalli continue to do an outstanding job of supporting the phenomenal Geer Park team, as well as your children when they visit the office.  Please know that they will ask parents for identification when coming to pick up children if they do not know you.  This procedure is part of the building and district safety and security plan.  All parents are required to sign in when they visit, and the goal is to ensure that everyone remains safe.  Your partnership is appreciated – thank you.

We also want to thank all of the parents who screen their child’s health at home and keep them home if there is any question about whether they are not well.  We all have to work together to ensure everyone stays healthy.  We appreciate parents coming in immediately to pick up children when they feel unwell during the day.
We want to thank the Geer Park teachers and support staff for continuing to do exceptional work with students and one another during these challenging times.  The shared goal is the health, safety and education of your children.  Please continue to contact your child’s teacher directly with any questions or concerns, as they know your child best.

Please contact the school office directly with any questions at 313-827-2300, Ms. Mallah at 313-827-2302, or Mr. Bukowski at 313-827-2304, or email him at For additional questions or concerns, please also contact Dr. Jill Chochol, Executive Director, at 313-827-3026, or email her at

Thank you for entrusting your children to us.  Please stay safe and healthy.