Geer Park Elementary School

Pictures to share from Geer Park Elementary….

Welcome to Geer Park 2022 –

Mural in the cafe

Lunch Recess

Officer Aaron and a 1st grade student.

Former Principal Mrs. Lamis Srour visits Geer Park Elementary last week. Thank you for visiting.

Former Principal Mrs. Srour and Current Principal Mr. Lawera

Principal Srour, Principal Lawera and students

Former Principal Srour and a 5th grade student

Former Principal Srour

Mr. and Mrs. Gray and Mr. Lawera

Proud Grandfather with his grand daughter

Principal Lawera recognizing teachers for all of their hard work

Principal Lawera and School Social Worker, Mrs. Bazzy

Principal Lawera and two active parent volunteers. Thank you Parents!
Principal Lawera and Proud Community Member …Thanks for visiting us here at Geer Park, Mr. Ahmed…..Fun Fact: His son was in my 4th grade classroom when I taught at Henry Ford Elementary School.

Principal Lawera and students at lunch recess

5th Grade Students eating lunch

Preschool Class at Geer Park. (GSRP Classroom)

Geer Park Screams for Ice Cream!!!!

Thank you Mr. Malek!!!