2016-2017 Photos


First Day of School

Leo’s Fundraiser

geer-park-9-6-2016-first-day-52 img_7399 img_7403
geer-park-9-6-2016-first-day-47 geer-park-9-6-2016-first-day-50 geer-park-9-6-2016-first-day-25-1
img_7434 img_7430 img_7428
Basketball Jones
img_1445 img_1414 img_1436-1

Kroger Presentation

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser

img_1607 img_1615 img_7714
img_7713 img_7726 img_7710
Cipriano Race
img_7655 img_7643 img_7644-1
img_7642 img_7645 img_7647
img_7640 img_7653-2 img_1593-1
Students Leading the Way
img_7766 img_1655 img_7771
img_7772 img_7762 img_7775
img_7773 img_1649 img_1639-1
Karaoke & Dance Night 
img_7792 img_7809 img_7787
img_7820 img_1668 img_7794
img_7789 img_7805 img_7790
Michigan vs. Michigan State Day
img_7840 img_7843
Core Values Assembly 
img_7867 img_7868 img_7870
img_7872 img_7874 img_7879
img_7849 img_7862 img_7863
img_1690 img_7853 img_7861
img_1703-1 img_7889 img_7891
img_7881 img_7845 img_7885
 img_7898  img_7906  img_7915
Bingo for Books
img_8149 img_8164 img_8166
img_8163 img_8151 img_8152-1
Election Day at Geer Park
img_8124 img_8121 img_8132
img_8126 img_8134 img_8136
Kindergartens celebrate   Thanksgiving
The Holidays at Geer Park
Honors Assembly
Partnership with Oakwood Commons
Daddy Daughter Dance
March is Reading Month
Math Night
Moms and Muffins
5th Grade vs. Teachers Volleyball Game
March Bingo for Books
Cupcake Wars
 Dads and Donuts
Kickball Game 
Patch Tags 
 Parent Appreciation Lunch
Talent Show
Field Day
Basketball Jones
Clean-Up Parade
Kindergarten Graduation
5th Grade Promotion