Geer Park Elementary School

Month: August 2021

Back to School Notice

Back to School Notice Dearborn Public Schools has updated its safety protocols. Students, staff and visitors are required to wear masks while they are in our buildings.  Please find more details about all of our plans on our Back to School webpage.

Day 2:  Student assemblies in the cafe

Day 2: Student assemblies in the cafe

Special thanks to our Noon Hour Supervisor, Mrs. Vicky for co-presenting with me today. Students have a seating chart in the cafe. The students did an excellent job today! Thank you to all of our 6 Noon Hour Supervisors. Lunch was a success today 🙂

Welcome Back Letter – Re-Sharing Note: Please Scroll Down after reading each section - The format was spaced out.... Thank you 

Morning Line-Up Numbers by Teacher

Morning Line-Up #s and Lunch #s -  Same # for both times. School Breakfast Time: 8:25 - 8:55 Students can begin lining up at 8:40 on the playground at their teacher's assigned #. Reminder: 1/2 of School on Monday, August 30th. Dismissal Time: 12:05 p.m. Cone  #...

COVID 19 Mitigation Information for Parents

Dear Parents,   As students return to daily in-school instruction, our school will be following the district's plan to use a multi-layered approach to protect students, staff and families and to avoid as much as possible any disruptions to the school year.  The...